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"Sarah offers me the space, time and total security to freely and creatively express myself. She does this with a deep knowledge of what it is to be human and full of frailty and foibles. Above all she does so with empathy and professional skill which creates a safe space in which to explore.

By discovering my creative energy, enjoying myself and feeling in a safe place, my self-esteem is growing in confidence. At times I am deeply satisfied by an insight, a deepening awareness of some aspect of my life. At other times it's the sheer joy and excitement of experiencing being creative and observing the emergence of a work of creativity. I have no artistic skills or training, but when, with Sarah's support, I let go of the inhibiting: 'I don't know how to do this', a way always emerges to express what needs to be expressed.

Painting With an Open Heart encourages me in the life-affirming process of creativity, and that enhances other aspects of my life. Sarah supports me with skill, humour and safety. I am very grateful to her and would encourage anyone who is thinking of 'giving it a go' to do so. There is nothing to lose and as I have discovered, a great deal to gain."


"Painting With an Open Heart has literally given me my life back that I lost when I was abused as a child. Sarah provides a profound and safe space which has taught my inner child the tools to know how to be strong as an adult. It has helped me to identify and hold my boundaries, trust myself, give me confidence, and the opportunity to articulate my pain safely. I continue to grow stronger every week I attend the class. Sarah's huge loving capacity to hold the space safely, is wonderful. I would encourage others to come to Painting With an Open Heart to experience the benefits I have had." Anne  

Since working with Sarah, both individually and in groups, with Painting With an Open Heart, I now feel different and have a more positive self image. Sarah has helped me to gain insights so that I feel more confident.  I can respond more positively to people and situations I previously found diffcult. I found the Shamanic Journeying powerful healing experiences. They have made me aware of my own inner wisdom  which I am continuing to trust more and more. I have found working with the arts and the use of imagery and the imagination very helpful. I hadn't realised the power of working non-verbally to bring about change. I feel very safe working with Sarah and would recommend working with her to anyone who wants change in their lives for the better.  Julie

"I attended Painting With an Open Heart for about 18 months with Sarah. I started in the group to explore my creative side and to address personal and career blocks that I have come across in my adult life. Sarah's expert and insightful guidance allowed me to see myself clearly and to develop my creative side. As such, the process has given me a clearer direction in life. The sessions were always very kind and non-judgemental, fun and could be sad or angry. Every emotion was encouraged with a view to develop a deeper understanding. I am very grateful to have participated and will return after what I have consolidated to date. Thank you Sarah."


Make Your Mark

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

with Sarah Paget

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