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Make Your Mark

with Sarah Paget

at the Lewes Arts Festival 2016

An Exhibition of Fine Art Exploring Mark Making that Interacts with the Arts Psychotherapeutic Process


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I  invite you to Make Your Mark in my Berwick studio as part of the Lewes Arts Festival on August 20th/21st  and September 3rd/4th, 10.30am-5.30pm. I am focusing on how we might express our authentic self through mark making. In a live demonstration in my studio, I will incorporate your mark making in a painting to symbolise how the Arts Psychotherapist can act as processor to support and empower people on transformative journeys to well being.

Make Your Mark

  • Who are you through your mark making?

  • What Inspires You?

  • What scares you?

  • How might you express a feeling through your mark making?

I invite you to either send me your mark making, bring it with you to share it with me, or to make a mark in the studio. Entries need to be no larger than A4, labelled with your name and contact details, a brief description of your mark making intention, with a SAE if you wish it returned. Deadline for sending, Monday,August 15th.

Take Part in Creative Activities:  Sat/Sun: Aug 20th/21st, Sept 3rd/4th 2pm-3.30pm

I will guide you on imaginary journeys to support you to access your innate creative self.

Be supported to express yourself using the arts to realise your creative potential, to feel inspired, to grow, to feel nourished, to feel better about yourself, increase your confidence, to learn self healing techniques, mindfulness and many other benefits.

£10 All Materials, Tea included. Pre-booking essential.

Venue and Entries to: Make Your Mark, Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, Units 4 & 5, Berwick Court Farm, Alfriston Road, Polegate, BN26 5QS

You can contact me, Sarah Paget on: 07714 218529


Make Your Mark

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

with Sarah Paget

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