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Process Painting

Run in small groups (maximum of six people)

Painting With an Open Heart





Imagine painting to give you a greater sense of authentic empowerment, a feeling of confidence and trust, a fuller connectedness to your true self and Source energy. This is what you can create for yourself when you Paint With an Open Heart, and it is what I facilitate you to learn in small groups in my studio at Berwick.


You are invited to face and let go of limitations that may block your creative flow. The approach supports you to let go of your attachment to the outcome and to experience yourself in each moment you paint, facilitating deep awareness, release and transformation. You can learn how to relate to your intuitive self in new ways, bringing you the opportunity for inner expansion and freedom, heightened energy, and well being.


I also use movement and sound, shamanic journeying, as well as mindfulness to support you. 





This is a therapeutic process and can be experienced at times, as very powerful. It requires emotional courage and commitment, as it is designed to facilitate you to face deeply held unconscious processes that may be inhibiting you reaching your full potential. But the rewards of transformation can be great, as you can see from the comments of previous and current participants on the Testimonial Page.


Working in a group, supports your own individual process, as you experience yourself alongside others on parallel journeys. There are opportunites for group sharing and processing. But the principal focus is on your own individual process through painting.


I offer Taster, Day Retreat, Regular Weekly and Monthly sessions. The Taster sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to see if this is a form of therapy you think may work for you. You will need to have done a Taster if you wish to commit to regular sessions.They run for three hours as do the weekly and monthly sessions. 


Regular groups run as closed groups for one year, with the opportunity to continue further if you wish. Some groups are currently continuing in their third year. Please see Events Page for details.


I call upon Aviva Gold's 'Painting from the Source' method with whom I have trained.( I have developed my own approach using my skills as an Arts Psychotherapist and a trained fine artist to support you to explore your inner creative self.


You can change the way you live your life.

Supporting you to wellbeing through the arts

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Sarah Paget








Make Your Mark

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

with Sarah Paget

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